Will 2016 Bring Meaningful Change to the Real Estate Industry?

Every year at year’s end I ask the same question: Will next year be any different?


Will 2016 be the year that home sellers are no longer expected to pay for their buyer’s agent in the US? Will it be the year home sellers grow up and set realistic pricing expectations for their home, and more importantly, stop expecting their agents to work on contingency? And will 2016 be the year NAR grows up and stops caring less about the quantity of dues-paying agents and more about the quality of those agents?

I would like to tell you that I am hopeful, but I’m not. There is just too much money to be made enabling the status quo.

So, in 2016 we will still have conflicts of interest, buyer steering, an abundance of poor agents and unprepared home buyers and sellers. And we will have one other thing; The Intelligent Home Seller course on Udemy.

For the price of a cheap pair of sneakers, home sellers will be able to educate themselves on the home selling process. They’ll be able to rise about the industry’s outdated customs, the conflicts of interest, the incompetence, the powerlessness and the frustration. They’ll learn to tell a good agent from a bad one before they hire one. And most important, they will learn to pay a commission that is fair for everyone.

Stay tuned. The Intelligent Home Seller course will be available right after the new year. And maybe next year at this time the answer to my yearly question above will be yes. This is the year all the BS in the real estate industry comes to an end. Here here.

Happy holidays to all.

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