Finally, An Article That Tells the Truth About Real Estate Agents

Leave it to MSN to finally pull back the curtain—at least a little—and tell the truth about real estate agents in their article 25 secrets real estate agents won’t tell you.


Some highlights of the article include…

True: They’ll lie to you about what they think your home is worth just so you’ll choose them.

True: They WILL negotiate their fees.

True: They don’t always put you first.

True: They sometimes make up prospective buyers.

True: They make extra money from their recommended contractors.

True: You can do the same research they do online for free.

True: They won’t really suffer if you sell your home for less.

True: They use selling techniques on you.

True: You can sell it yourself online.

All of these are true, but the real tragedy is why they’re true: lazy, uninformed and fearful consumers enable bad real estate agent behavior.

Real estate agents only do what they know they can get away with. And not much will change until buyers and sellers get themselves an education (and a backbone) and stop tolerating this behavior. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for more articles from MSN.

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