For Sale By Owner: The Missing Ingredient

There must be a hundred new companies exploiting technology to try and do away with real estate agents. And no matter what they call themselves, they are all essentially the same thing: For Sale By Owner (FSBO) platforms. Let our technology help you sell your home without a real estate agent.

FSBOThere is little doubt that the days of real estate agents are numbered, if for no other reason than millennials detest the thought of using them. But until that day, savvy home sellers will try and sell their homes without an agent using these new services. And regardless of how well thought out or comprehensive these new services are, all the home sellers will struggle to sell their home because of one very low tech, missing ingredient: a home showing service.

What is a home showing service? A company that helps For Sale By Owners sell their home by showing it to prospective buyers.

You see, no matter how high tech and online the home selling process becomes, home buyers still want to get inside the home to see it and they want to do so WITHOUT the home owner there. Showing prospective buyers a home, whether at an open house or one at a time, is a job usually performed by the listing agent working for the home seller.

For Sale By Owners don’t have a listing agent to help them show their home so they try and perform that service themselves, but that’s a mistake because it scares some buyers away.

The advantage of a home showing service is that it appears to prospective buyers that the home is represented by a real estate agent. There is a For Sale sign out front with a phone number to call to arrange an appointment to see the home. When the buyer calls that number to arrange to see the home, a person professionally dressed and knowledgeable about the home meets them there to let them in and to answer any questions they may have about the home. A good home showing service can even pre-screen buyers to make sure only serious ones get in to see the home.

The real trick to selling a successful FSBO is making sure it doesn’t look like a FSBO. And unlike a real estate agent, who expects a percentage of the home’s selling price, a home showing service can provide their service for a small, flat fee.

A home showing service is the low tech solution to propel residential real estate into the 21st century. Who wants to start one?





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