Can a Realtor Fix the Broken Real Estate Industry in the US?

“Real Estate, by far, is the most screwed-up industry in America.”
-Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin

Here’s a list of things that are broken with the real estate industry in the US:

  1. Commission is proportional to the price of the home, not the effort to sell it
  2. Realtors have to risk working for free
  3. Inexperienced agents charge the same fee as long-term super-stars
  4. Home buyers don’t pay for the person serving them
  5. Buyers get to see how long a home has been on the market
  6. Real estate agencies spend 90% of their time recruiting new agents and 10% helping their customers

The remarkable thing about this list is that it was complied by a real estate agent: Greg Hauge (the Muhammad Ali of real estate). Greg, among other things, is a realtor. And Greg gets it.

The only question I have is, if one realtor can see it, why can’t they all?

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