Why Zillow Has Less Homes But More Traffic

A recent study conducted by BuildZoom found that while the NAR (National Association of Realtors) operated website, Realtor.com has many more homes listed for sale, Zillow still gets most of the traffic. And I think I know why.

ZillowIt is no secret that a lot of consumers do not trust Realtors. The problem with the Realtor.com website is its name. It is a proxy for untrustworthiness. Conversely, consumers like, and more importantly, trust Zillow. Perhaps in part because Zillow is not operated by NAR.

I think Realtor.com would drive much more traffic to their website if they only changed the name, to anything else. How ironic. NAR has spent their lifetime trying to brand the term “Realtor” and now it has become their scarlet letter.


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