The Home Selling Secrets eCourse

How to Pocket an Extra $2,000 to $14,000 From the Sale of Your Home With Little to No Effort

The Intelligent Home Seller

Maybe you need help selling your home, but just because you need help does not mean you want to get ripped off. The real estate industry knows that this big-dollar, infrequent transaction intimidates most home sellers and they use that to get you to pay too much. Unless you are properly prepared, someone else will be keeping a big chunk of your hard-earned equity.

What you will learn in this eCourse

In this 2 hour eCourse you will learn everything you need to know to maximize the equity you keep from the sale of your home including...

"Home sellers would be elated to see this course.  A lot of people do not know that commissions are negotiable, and the real estate industry certainly does not broadcast that."

-Tom H. Real Estate Broker in CA

Quickly and Easily Learn to Save Thousands

Just one lecture alone should save every home seller who watches it a minimum of $2,000.

What you will get from this eCourse

This Information is Not Available Anywhere Else

You can Google it or search on Amazon but you will not find this information anywhere else. Why is that? The only people who could create this course, those in the real estate industry, do not want you to have this information, because it will cost them money.

I spent time in the industry and spoke privately with those in the know. This truly is the course the real estate industry does not want you to take.

I will show you the exact steps I used to pocket an extra $14,000 (compared to the traditional approach) when I sold my home. And yes, I used a real estate agent to help me. You can negotiate substantially lower commissions IF you know what you are doing.

"This is a great course!  You're going to change the real estate business. All it takes is a trickle of sellers to be successful and tell their friends on social media, etc....and it will become unstoppable.  I want you to help me sell my house when that time comes. :)"

- Jane S. Tarrytown, NY

Do Not Be Intimidated Into Squandering Away Your Hard-earned Equity Due to an Abundance of Fear and a Lack of Education


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Carl Weisman is the author of four books and has been on radio and television. Previously he was a sales trainer who taught real estate agents how to market themselves and how to overcome buyer and seller objections. Now, Mr. Weisman is committed to making a dramatic change in the real estate industry by educating and empowering home sellers to ensure the agent-seller relationship is more fair for both parties.